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2015 January

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Bill Draft Number: LC0208    Current Bill Text:      Current version of this bill  Previous Version(s)  Access all versions of this bill  
Bill Type - Number: SB 39    Fiscal Note(s)
Short Title: Generally revise patent and copyright trolling laws
Primary Sponsor: Cary Smith  (R) SD 27
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Bill Actions - Current Bill Progress: Transmitted to Governor

Bill Action Count: 50

Action - Most Recent FirstDateVotes YesVotes NoCommittee / Audio  Available Audio
(S) Transmitted to Governor03/24/2015   
(H) Signed by Speaker03/23/2015   
(S) Signed by President03/23/2015   
(S) Returned from Enrolling03/20/2015   
(C) Printed - Enrolled Version Available  03/20/2015   
(S) Sent to Enrolling03/19/2015   
(S) 3rd Reading Passed as Amended by House03/19/2015470 
(S) Scheduled for 3rd Reading03/19/2015   
(S) 2nd Reading House Amendments Concurred03/18/2015500 
(S) Scheduled for 2nd Reading03/18/2015   
(H) Returned to Senate with Amendments03/16/2015   
(H) 3rd Reading Concurred03/14/2015951 
(H) Scheduled for 3rd Reading03/14/2015   
(H) 2nd Reading Concurred03/13/2015991 
(H) Scheduled for 2nd Reading03/13/2015   
(C) Printed - New Version Available  03/12/2015   
(H) Committee Report--Bill Concurred as Amended03/12/2015  (H) Judiciary
(H) Committee Executive Action--Bill Concurred as Amended03/11/2015210(H) Judiciary
(H) Hearing03/09/2015  (H) Judiciary  
(H) First Reading02/04/2015   
(H) Referred to Committee02/04/2015  (H) Judiciary
(S) Transmitted to House02/02/2015   
(S) 3rd Reading Passed02/02/2015461 
(S) Scheduled for 3rd Reading02/02/2015   
(S) 2nd Reading Passed01/31/2015480 
(S) Scheduled for 2nd Reading01/31/2015   
(C) Printed - New Version Available  01/28/2015   
(S) Committee Report--Bill Passed as Amended01/28/2015  (S) Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs
(S) Committee Executive Action--Bill Passed as Amended01/28/201590(S) Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs
(S) Hearing01/19/2015  (S) Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs  
(S) Fiscal Note Printed01/07/2015   
(S) Fiscal Note Signed01/06/2015   
(S) First Reading01/05/2015   
(S) Fiscal Note Received01/05/2015   
(S) Referred to Committee12/12/2014  (S) Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs
(S) Fiscal Note Requested12/10/2014   
(C) Introduced Bill Text Available Electronically  12/04/2014   
(S) Introduced12/04/2014   
(C) Pre-Introduction Letter Sent12/04/2014   
(C) Fiscal Note Probable12/04/2014   
(C) Draft in Assembly/Executive Director Review12/04/2014   
(C) Draft in Final Drafter Review12/04/2014   
(C) Bill Draft Text Available Electronically12/02/2014   
(C) Draft in Input/Proofing12/02/2014   
(C) Draft in Legal Review12/02/2014   
(C) Draft to Drafter - Edit Review [JLN]12/01/2014   
(C) Draft to Requester for Review11/26/2014   
(C) Draft to Requester for Review11/18/2014   
(C) Draft to Requester for Review11/18/2014   
(C) Draft Request Received07/07/2014   

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Sponsor, etc.

Sponsor, etc.Last Name/OrganizationFirst NameMi
RequesterDepartment of Justice by Law and Justice Interim Committee  
By Request OfDepartment of Justice  
Primary SponsorSmithCary 

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DescriptionRevenue/Approp.Vote Majority Req.Subject Code
Consumer Protection SimpleCONS
Property SimplePROP

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Additional Bill Information

Fiscal Note Probable:Yes
Preintroduction Required:Y
Session Law Ch. Number:
Category:General Bills
Transmittal Date:02/27/2015
Return (with 2nd house amendments) Date:04/10/2015

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Section Effective Dates

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03/29/2015 04:34 AM Mountain Time
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